Our team and our mission

Stronger together, building long lasting relations.

At Pharmatjek Nordic, we strive to foster cooperation between all parties in the pharmacy sector, and make it as smooth as possible. We work on good open dialogue, and working with feedback from all sources, from pharmacies,to wholesalers, and even consumers.

We prefer openness, transparency and honesty as key factors, in order to create long-term cooperation between our customers and the market players, which can then create a healthy collaboration and thereby the best possible experience for consumers in the pharmacy market.

We strive to keep a high level of professionalism and a high level of product knowledge to best advice both our clients, and the pharmacies, on which groups of end customers to focus on, or interesting areas to widen and broaden into for potential growth.

The team

Mona Jørgensen


Benjamin Jørgensen

Co-Founder, CEO

Helle Bech

Senior Advisor

Poul Schmidt

Senior Advisor

Martin Jørgensen