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Creating a roadmap and the steps one must take, to not only be able to gain access to a market, but also a long lasting plan of what to do, is key to success. Together with our partners, we seek to create a healthy and strong Roadmap.

Sales and marketing

Having a good idea of which ad campaigns, or which areas of the market to focus on, is key to boost sales, and getting the consumer attention. We are in close connection with the Pharmacies, to help our partners create strong sales and marketing plans.


We can assist either at meetings, or on the sideline depending on need, to help our partners get a better understanding and result for deals being made with key players.

Laws and regulation

Local laws and regulations can be different from market to market, and having a full and clear understand is a necessity. We provide clear information as to what requirements our partners must meet, to be able to sell their goods on the market.

Knowledge of market structure

Knowing key players, and how the market functions, is key to having success. Through our combined experience over decades, we have gained a unique position in the market, to better provide our partners with the targeted information they need to strengthen their position.

Understanding of competition

Having a good idea of your competitors, makes it easier to find what they lack, or where to improve to become more competitive. We always seek to have a good idea of what is going on, through key persons in the market.

The Nordic pharmacies

There is a big difference in the composition of the Pharmacy-sector in between the 4 Nordic countries, which we have illustrated below.


Every pharmacy is individually owned.
Distribution: Wholesaler ➔ Chain ➔ Pharmacy


Pharmacy chains are each owned and run seperately.
Distribution: Chain ➔ Member Pharmacies

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Co-Founder, CEO
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